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Our Fleet
Piedmont Flight Training maintains a fleet of Piper and Cessna aircraft for both flight instruction and rental.

Our focus on industry standard aircraft means that our students, from their very first lesson, acquire hands-on familiarity with exactly those vehicle models they are most likely to encounter on any airfield in the world. Those who earn flight instructor certificates here at PFT find themselves at a natural advantage over other job applicants whose only experience is in less popular aircraft. The same advantage applies to Private Pilots who will find tens of thousands of very familiar Cessna 172 and Piper Archer aircraft available for rent in every corner of the globe.

The range of models in our fleet allows our students to progress seamlessly from Discovery Flight through Private Pilot through instrument rating through complex aircraft endorsement through multi-engine through Commercial certificate through Airline Transport Pilot (ATP), and to pause or resume training at any stage along the way.
Cessna 172L/M
The workhorse of the flight training world is Cessna's 172 series. Great for initial training, Instument rating training, and short to medium trips, this high-wing, single-engine design is far and away the most popular model of aircraft ever made:

Cessna 172SP
Our Cessna 172SP is immensely popular for cross-country flights. Along with a King KLN 94 IFR GPS, a King MFD and an autopilot, this vehicle also has a 180hp powerplant:

Piper Archer
Piper's low-wing Archer series provides a change of pace from the high-wing Cessnas. Outfitted with Garmin 430W GPS, our Archers are an excellent platform for Instrument training. Flight time in a low-wing Archer prior to seeking a complex endorsement via the Arrow makes for a dream transition:

Piper Arrow
Essentially an Archer with retractable landing gear and a variable-pitch prop, Piper's Arrow series is a natural first step into the world of complex aircraft. It satisfies some of the requirements for the Commercial Certificate while offering higher horsepower and a little higher payload:

Piper Seneca
Piper's Seneca One is an excellent multi-engine training platform as well as a favorite long-range rental. Graduating to the Seneca opens up a whole new group of aircraft and allows up to six passengers, higher payload, more power and the redundancy of twin engines.