"Most Experienced
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 In North Carolina"
3815 N. Liberty Street
Winston·Salem, NC  27105
(336) 776-6070
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      Piper Seneca
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Ground Directions
Piedmont Flight Training is located on the tarmac at Winston-Salem's Smith Reynolds Airport. The simplest ground approach is from Highway 52 by way of Exit 112 onto Akron Drive. Follow Akron east until you reach North Liberty Street. Turn right onto Liberty, go about a block, and begin looking for Norfleet Drive, the airport's loop road, on your left. Turn in there.

As seen from North Liberty Street, Piedmont Flight Training is to the left of, and separate from, the main terminal building. Head towards the large pale blue and white hangar easily visible from Norfleet. In most airports, General Aviation facilities such as flight schools and aircraft rentals are located separately from the passenger terminal.

Piedmont Flight Training has its own parking area, clearly marked with FLIGHT SCHOOL PARKING signs. From here, you can finally see the beige brick building containing Piedmont Flight Training.

At the entrance gate, just press the large round button on the intercom as if you were ringing a doorbell. A cheerful voice will greet you and invite you in. When you hear the magnetic lock on the door begin to buzz, you'll be able to pull the gate open and enter.

Smile! You're about to make your dreams come true. You're going to fly!