Piedmont Flight Training

Private Pilot Certificate


A Private Pilot Certificate is the first step to becoming a pilot. The certificate provides the foundational knowledge and skills for all future aircraft pilot training.


Learn the fundamental steps for flying in adverse weather conditions. 


Learn to master the airplane and achieve the necessary rating to fly for hire.

Flight Instructor

Teaching is the highest form of understanding.  Help shape the next generation of pilots.  At the same time, build your flight time towards your career pilot goal.  

As a Private Pilot, you can fly an airplane day and night in visual flight conditions. In fact, you can even carry passengers, such as friends, family, and co-workers. You cannot fly for paid compensation or hire. However, you can share the operating expenses with your passengers.  A Private Pilot Certificate is your foundation course on a pathway to an airline pilot career.

What You’ll Need

  • A medical certificate from an Aviation Medical Examiner (AME)

  • An Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Student Pilot certificate

Checkride Completion Requirements

  • At least 17 years of age

  • Minimum 35 Hours of Flight Instruction

  • Minimum 35 Hours of Ground Instruction

  • Written Oral and Practical Exam
Average Cost: $8,000
VA Benefits, Block Hour Discounts & Pay-As-You-Go Options

Private Pilot Certificate

Multi-Engine Add-On

Multi-Engine Add-On Prerequisites

  • Be at least 18 years of age

  • Hold at least a Private Pilot Certificate.

Checkride Completion Requirements

  • 15 flight hours

  • Demonstrate proficiency in single engine operations

  • No written required if already completed the Private Pilot Single Engine
Average Cost: $6,000
VA Benefits, Block Hour Discounts & Pay-As-You-Go Options