Piedmont Flight Training

Recreational PILOT

The Pathway to Becoming a Recreational Pilot

Some just want to fly for fun.

Getting Your Private

You don’t have to become a career pilot to fly. If you just want to be able to go up, you can get your Sport or Private Pilot Certificate. These certificates allow you to fly in good weather, high visibility, and below the cloud cover. You can take the family on a weekend trip, fly for personal travel or just enjoy the aerial views of your town or city.

Getting Your Instrument

Getting your instrument is the next logical step in completing your recreational pilot goal. The rating expands the flying conditions in which you can fly safely. An instrument rating heightens your intuition to be better prepared for the unexpected limitations like in unpredictable weather and clouds. Your ability to notice and predict weather conditions improves, as well as, being able recognize frontal passages, ice, thunderstorms, and more.