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Aircraft Safety &
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Aircraft Safety

Piedmont Flight Training Maintenance

Unlike a lot of flight schools, we have our own maintenance facility and team of A&P’s and IA’s on site. Whether it’s scheduled or unscheduled maintenance, aircraft are returned to service in a safe and timely manner.

Jeff Hunter, our Director of Maintenance, is an Air Force Veteran with 35 years in aviation maintenance. His expertise in commercial aviation, military programs, manufacturing, maintenance and overhaul brings the highest level of safety and maintenance to our fleet.

Jeff is also Certified AS 9110C Quality Standard. And thus, has implemented and follows the AS 9110C Quality Standards – Quality Management Systems / Requirements for Aviation Maintenance Organizations prepared by the International Aerospace Quality Group. The 3rd largest certification body for Aerospace in the world.

The Aircraft

Pipistrel Alpha Trainer

Train in a state of the art, brand new and more cost effective aircraft.

  • Day and Night VFR Equipped
  • Mix of avionics from traditional to touch screen Garmin Aera 660
  • Rotax 912 engine runs on automotive fuel.

Dual Rate: $180 / hour

Solo & Rental Rate: $130 / hour

Cessna 172

Traditional trainers where most commercial pilots today got their start.  Most produced aircraft in history with 44,000+ being produced since 1956.

Cessna 172 L/M
  • FR Capable
  • Garmin 430/500 Equipped

Dual Rate: $205 / hour

Solo & Rental Rate:  $150 / hour

Cessna 172 S
  • IFR Capable
  • Garmin 500 GPS Equipped
  • Auto Pilot

Dual Rate: $215 / hour

Solo & Rental Rate: $160 / hour

Piper Archer

The Piper PA-28 series has been produced since 1960 with a proven and effective design for both cross country flying and the training environment.

Piper Archer PA-28-181
  • IFR Capable 
  • Garmin 430 Equipped


Dual Rate: $210 / hour

Solo & Rental Rate:  $160 / hour

Piper Seneca 1

Traditional trainers where most entry level twins meet the multi-engine requirements for commercial pilots.

Piper Seneca 1
  • IFR Equipped
  • Garmin 430 ADS-B
  • Auto Pilot


Dual Rate: $395 / hour

Solo & Rental Rate:  $335 / hour