Experience flight from the ground

Flight Simulators

Experience the view from the cockpit before ever leaving the ground. With a worldwide terrain database to support the 200°visuals, you can land at Chicago O’Hare, JFK, Denver International or any location of your choosing.

Flight Simulators add tremendous value to flight training. They reduce costs, provide the student with a safer and more controlled environment to train, and, in an FAA-approved flight simulator, the student can also build flight time towards a certificate or rating.

Experience flight from the ground

Discovery Flight

Experience what it will be like when you start your training with a 30-minute flight. Go up with a Certified Flight Instructor and have the opportunity to learn about the controls and fly the aircraft.

Unlike a lot of other flight schools, we have our own maintenance facility and team of A&P’s and IA’s on site. Whether it’s scheduled or unscheduled maintenance, aircraft are returned to service in a safe and timely manner.