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Career Pilot

Pathway to becoming a Commercial Aviator

Recreational Pilot

Fly for fun.  The weekend flyer.

Pilot Programs

Even though each certificate/rating curriculum is very structured, every student requires a personalized approach. 


A Private Pilot Certificate is the first step to becoming a pilot. The certificate provides the foundational knowledge and skills for all future aircraft pilot training.


Learn the fundamental steps for flying in adverse weather conditions. 


Learn to master the airplane and achieve the necessary rating to fly for hire.

Flight Instructor

Teaching is the highest form of understanding.  Help shape the next generation of pilots.  At the same time, build your flight time towards your career pilot goal.  

Ways to Get Started

It’s not as complicated as one may think.

Discovery Flight

Experience what it will be like when you start your training with a 30-minute flight.  Go up with a Certified Flight Instructor and have the opportunity to learn about the controls and fly the aircraft.


Learn what to expect in flight training.  A Certified Flight Instructor will explain the curriculums, show you around the flight school, walk you through our aircraft, meet some students and have all of your questions answered.  Learn about medical requirements, pilot certificate requirements and how your training will be conducted with each lesson. 


You’re ready to start.  You and your instructor will complete your student folder documentation, set up your IACRA and Flight Circle profile, review aircraft and airport safety and schedule out your lessons.

The Aircraft

With 13 aircraft in the fleet, our students have choices and flexibility.

Train in a state of the art, brand new and more cost effective aircraft.

Traditional trainers where most commercial pilots today got their start.  Most produced aircraft in history with 44,000+ being produced since 1956.

The Piper PA-28 series has been produced since 1960 with a proven and effective design for both cross country flying and the training environment.

An entry level twin that meets the multi engine requirements for commercial pilots.

By the Numbers

The benefits of flying at PFT

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Student Opinions

Our students come from many different backgrounds – from high school students to working professionals.