Managing expectations from the beginning provides a strong foundation for what’s to come.


Be Committed

A committed student works hard and is loyal to their aviation goal. Consistently and positively give your time, focus and energy to your flight training.

Value Time

Be on time for your lessons.  Show up prepared.  Be consistent.  Maintain your schedule as timely and accurately as possible.  Everyone’s time is valuable.


Flight Training is not just about going up.  Ground knowledge is as important to your success.

Pay Attention and Ask Questions as Much as Possible

Everyone brings a different perspective, knowledge, experience and wisdom to the school.

Don’t Be Shy

Engage with other students and instructors.  Everyone now has a lot in common.

Have Manners

Treat everyone with courtesy, respect and dignity.


With your CFI.  With our Chief Flight Instructor.  With our Front Desk Manager.  With our General Manager.  Ideas, questions, concerns.  We want to hear it.

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