Get Started with Flight Training


Piedmont Flight Training has instituted an orientation for incoming students to ease the transition into flight training.

Once you’re ready to start, you and your instructor will complete your student folder documentation, set up your IACRA and Flight Circle profile, review aircraft and airport safety and schedule out your lessons.

Every student is expected to complete an Orientation prior to beginning their flight training.

The sessions are meant to educate, familiarize and help students feel comfortable and confident about their training at PFT.

Easy Financing Options

Flight Training Finance

In case you opt for part-time fixed-wing private pilot or instrument training, Flight Training Finance’s (FTF) programs are available to support you with your payments.

Under certain circumstances, FTF can also accommodate advanced, rotorcraft, and sport pilot training.

You won’t need to wait days for approval. All applications are processed within 24 hours. Just apply, sign, and fly! The Flight Students link on the left will answer all your questions and help you apply.