As part of our celebration of PFT women in aviation, we’re featuring Janice Driscoll, our Chief Flight Instructor, in this blog post!

Janice’s love for aviation began at a young age, as her parents had their private pilot certificates and she would fly along with them. She finally took flying lessons herself as a young woman in Readington, NJ and was “hooked”! She says “I had some great instructors that encouraged me through my training, even when I was struggling they kept me on track all the way to my instructor ratings.”

When asked what she loves about her job, Janice says, “ I love instructing. I love being a mentor to students. I love seeing their progress and accomplishments. Their expressions of joy on their 1st solo or when they pass their check ride. It’s an awesome feeling for me to know that I in some way helped them.” What Janice loves about Piedmont Flight training in particular is “the comradeship of our flight instructors. We are like a family ready to help each other out. We have a wonderful school, with great aircraft and awesome crew.”

Janice has some advice for young women considering a career in aviation: “It’s an awesome career, not always easy, sometimes darn right hard….but do not give up. If you are struggling, find a mentor, someone you can talk with, share your thoughts, your struggles and your victories…someone who will keep you focused and on track.”

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